Many of you are aware that is a prime member

Many of you are aware that is a prime member that you can get unlimited photo storage in the Amazon cloud. There is also an option of less expensive photo prints, calendars and even cards delivered to you through photo storage by using Amazon prints number six digital credits. There may be times when you’re not in a rush to have your order delivered to you. I know this sounds crazy, we usually want our purchases as quickly as possible. If you have the patient’s you can select the no rush shipping option and most often you can get credit on your account. In this example, if I choose the free no rush shipping option I can get a five dollars reward for prime pantry is the benefit that offers groceries and other household products in everyday package sizes. If you choose the no rush shipping option. Frequently, those rewards can add up quickly. Number seven, Amazon prime scorecard as an Amazon prime member.

You can also sign up for the Amazon prime scorecard. If approved, you can earn 5% back on anything you purchase from Amazon, not an advocate of running up credit card debt. But if you’re someone who pays off your balance each month can save you a lot of money. Number eight prime music. A lot of you are aware of and are using prime video but some of you may not be aware that Amazon has a music service called prime music that’s included with your membership has about 2 million ad free and on-demand songs. It has curated playlists or you can create your own playlists. It also offers off-line playback with unlimited skips. It doesn’t have the selection that music services like spot if I ask, but at least you don’t have to spend any extra money. These number nine audible channels audible which is owned by Amazon offers prime members free access to audible channels audible channels has a rotating selection of on-demand podcasts in several categories which include talkshows news company shows and many more.
Another benefit within audible for prime members is the ability to access streaming versions of the audiobooks to access either the audible services you must download the audible app on android and iOS Windows 10 or on your fire device number 10 prime reading. Last but not least is prime reading. It works a lot like Netflix you get unlimited reading of books, magazines and comics in several categories.