E-commerce Product Photography Lesson 2: Example book

Now we have reached the second lesson of our Product Photography Guide e-commerce. In this lesson, I would like you to keep in mind some references of highly successful stores that put in front perfect example of the most interesting product photography. All the examples found in this article are dedicated to a certain niche. I will share the interesting facts about the product photography of all these portals and how they are experiencing great growth in their sector.

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Take a look below to find some of the following examples of Product Photography:

Harry Winston

Harry Winston product of photography

Harry Winston is an ideal paradigm for those who have their online jewelry store. The presentation of the site speaks for its wealth. The images that are used on the site are very presentable and attractive. Images of colored gemstones and sparkling jewels capture the customer's attention towards each segment of the website. Other aspects such as the design, the background and the content that describes the specification of the products are also indicated on the website that complements the very influential concept.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton product of photography
Louis Vuitton is another high-end online portal of education for the best presentation of various accessories and clothing products. The non-clothing products on the site are beautifully filmed in high resolution and zoom. All products that are listed on the site define luxury and class that is finely reflected from the images.

Bang and Olufsen

Bang and Olufsen product of photography There are certain websites that leave you puzzled at first sight. Bang and Olufsen are some of such websites as the construction and design of the website is less attractive to the clients. When visiting the site, you will find that it is a bit complex with a lot of content and black-white-gray that covers the main sections of the page. Product photography of this website and the presentation is simply adept and fascinating. Apart from that, there are many amazing effects that can be enjoyed on the site, such as thumbnail glow products every time you go over them. Secondary sweeping product photos make the appearance of the website more interesting and enjoyable to look at.


Cufflinks product of photography

Cufflinks.com also makes it easy for the customer to see their products from every possible angle. This site has a large collection of cufflinks and when you understand that these products are smaller in size and appearance, you definitely need to have a panoramic view. Along with the product, it also shows how it is packaged and shipped. As these products do not vary in sizes, it becomes easy for the brand to take pictures and put them into predefined dimensions. This site is a perfect example of the impressive product presentation and photography. Undoubtedly, these elements play a big role in increasing the sales of your website.


unpack it product photography

To find out more product images and presentation of a place site for men, you will find Desembale as the best fit. It is a commercial blog of men in good condition in which they are some of the images of the most precise and fine products on the poles. If you have your own product of project photography, this is the perfect blog to get inspired. Images of the products that are used in the blog are exceptionally well taken.


Done product photography

People who own online space in the web world and trade under the furniture and lighting niche, can be referred to Made.com as it is the most suitable portal in terms of presentation. They are doing a great job in displaying your product in a panoramic view. For lamps, you can see close up and product at a distance within the same frame. All in all, you can get many tips for brilliant product photography under this particular niche on Made.com.

In this way, here we come to a final of lesson 2. I hope that now you must have understood the importance of product photography for now. And with the help of these references, it will be easy for you to understand the exact form of the presentation of your products on the website.

that all you will see in the next chapter of this guide, where you can find stages of product photography.